Great Find — Beth, at “The Other Side of” (Share)

Beth’s virtual work is a recent, beautiful find. I love her tone, her gentleness, her wisdom and frankness and her notable joyfulness and fullness of heart.

She has a history of really dark past stuff involving childhood abuse, the occult and witchcraft. She has also found Jesus and enjoys and delights in intimate relationship with him.

Her website is chock full of wonderful readings that have kept me riveted and wondering how one human being could experience so much and conquer so much in so little time. Beth brings forth for our access hope and a profound knowledge of the enemy’s camp and schemes.

The link for her website is….

The link for her YouTube channel is… The Other Side of Darkness

She makes me smile, and even though we may never meet each other, I feel a kindred spirit in her and a lessened sense being so terribly different from other human beings.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on

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