How the Devil Attacks Our Spiritual Practices

  • You ever have a hard time opening your Bible, much less reading ANY portion of it?
  • Ever can’t make it to your closet to pray? Can’t even sit up in bed and start praying?
  • Ever feel the need to pray for someone, but your heart feels cold, your mind feels numb and the words don’t come?
  • Do you ever want to memorize Bible verses, but no matter how great your desire, you just can’t seem to progress in the least? — or even begin?

Do you ever feel a revulsion or a tremendous resistance to doing the spiritual practices you know you need to do, you know you want to do…. but you just can’t?

Does it ever get embarrassing on the inside? Like, “How is it possible that I can’t even pray or open my Bible? I’m physically capable. What’s wrong with me? What’s WRONG with me?”…. and then the downward spiraling paired with the feeling of “stuck”.

The devil delights in….

The devil delights in making us miserable.

The devil delights even more in keeping us away from God, keeping us far from Jesus and keeping the Holy Spirit from working in and through us as much as possible.

Why? — The devil knows good and well that this is where our power lies. This is the workshop of God’s blessing and miracles. This is our connection to Source: the LORD God, Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Our spiritual practices are our tools for our optimally connecting to God. With them, our protection is enhanced, we can take on more, we can move forward with God’s will for our lives and for that of others. We can PROGRESS in the Spirit and thus in our purposes in life.

The devil HATES for us to progress.

What the devil hates is what I see as a sign for me to run towards. The devil hates us being connected to God. He loathes us progressing in the Spirit. He will do everything to keep us from spiritual discernment, from worship, from praying in the Spirit, from hearing the Word, from fellowship with other devoted Christians, from growing in deliverance ministry.

What should that tell us? — I say, full steam ahead. What the devil hates, God loves. What the devil wants to keep from us, God wants us to have.

So What Do We Do?

We fight. We fight smartly. And we start from the base — our spiritual practices. Although it might sound paradoxical, we pray to be able to pray. A simple, earnest, “Help me!” A whimpered, “Jesus!” We are heard. We are loved — even when we don’t perceive it, even when we see or feel no evidence.

We give it our all, even though our all might be very little. God hears our pleas. He hears our whimpers. Meanwhile we strive, taking on what we can in the moment and talking with God more and more as we are built up in faith, conviction and God’s protection.

This is a battlefield we are in.

We are in the battle, whether we choose to fight or not, whether we admit to being in it or not.

I say, let’s choose to be full in. Right now we might be barely able to crawl, but if we remain concentrated on what is essential and we solicit God’s help at every turn possible — as well as on the straight of ways — I firmly believe that, no matter how it looks from the outside, we will be strengthened and fortified in our paths and we will arrive victorious.

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