Introduction to False Jesus Spirit: Crucial Discernment Tools (Post-Deliverance, Day 11)(Share)

In this continuing to process my deliverance from last Tuesday (eleven days ago), new things are being revealed to me. I knew of a false Jesus spirit, but didn’t feel directly affected and had little details. Now that I have discovered its direct, personal impact on me and my past, I am having to get educated.

The following video, entitled Encounter with a FALSE Jesus spirit, is found on the YouTube channel, All For Christ (TheAllForXMan) I felt comfortable with recognizing the false Holy Spirit entity, but for some reason, didn’t delve into the false Jesus spirit. This explains so much about why I have been blocked in key areas for so long. So, please listen to this video and continue to seek out tools for spiritual discernment. What we can see and perceive loses power over us. And once again…

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

John 8:32 (Jesus’ words)

If you want to get right down to the juice of discernment here, you can start at minute 7:30.

“Encounter with a FALSE Jesus Spirit”

Minute 10:40, “… and I said, ‘What’s your testimony of sin?'” Then, ‘What’s your testimony of righteousness? What’s your testimony of judgment? and so on,’ … “and he couldn’t answer me a word.”

Minute 11:33: “What the Holy Spirit showed me was that spirits today are very crafty and they do masquerade as Jesus himself, and they have messages that mimic exactly what Jesus said, but the spirit of what they’re saying doesn’t lead you to the entire truth. They lead you to good experiences. They lead you to manifestations. They lead you to trust in presences and encounters and visions and all these things that people are really hyped up about. But none of these things matter.”

“What matters is approval from Jesus. What matters is holiness, righteousness, doing His will, denying self. Every single day. Taking up our crosses and following Him. And if a spirit is not leading you to do that, then no matter how Jesus-like they sound, it’s not Jesus.”

Minute 15:21: “And this is a very thick deception, because you can’t trust any manifestations. You can’t trust voices. You can’t trust presences. You have to know God. You have to know Jesus. You have to know what He wants. You have to know what He’s like.”

Photo by Kira Louw from Pexels

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