Masturbation – A Demonic Practice And One of the Biggest and Most Common Sins The Church Rarely Addresses or Condemns (Reblog)

The following post is being re-blogged by me here on “Holy Spirit Warfare”. It’s a WordPress post published by “Jesus Truth Delivers” and written by J. Williams. This author is accurate, consistent, kind, loving and direct in his approach. It is very obvious whom he serves. The issue of masturbation, unless addressed in worldly ways, is still an issue that too few Christians think to or are willing or able to address — especially with wisdom or insight. I believe masturbation to be a major portal for the devil’s minions and a wide-open “Come on in!” at the point of climax.

Is masturbation socially acceptable among males and females alike? Of course it is. Do we see it more and more on mainstream TV and movie screens? Of course we do. Our favorite famous people promote messages of, “It’s fun. It’s cool. It’s funny. Everyone’s doing it.” “Take a load off,” they say. “Relax!” “Burn off some steam.” “Take the edge off.” “Use it as a sedative.” “Increase your dopamine levels instantly!”

How many of us count the costs or have any idea that masturbation is literally playing with fire?         J. Williams’ thorough writing on this issue follows, below…

Photo by Elizaveta Dushechkina from Pexels

Jesus Truth Deliverance

I can’t believe I am making this post about this subject, but here I am making an anti-masturbation post for the Lord Jesus Christ. This has to be addressed because most Christians are in bondage to this sin and some Christians even think there is nothing wrong with it. I can understand people who don’t know Jesus Christ thinking there is nothing wrong with it, but there is something wrong when Christians believe it is okay or even defends it.

This is a serious sin that is rarely, if not ever, addressed in churches. If it is not addressed then it definitely is not condemned. Of all the times I have attended churches I have never heard a sermon about masturbation even when the topic was on sex which is odd considering most people in the congregation are involved in masturbation if the studies are accurate. Even church leaders are caught…

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