Fernanda’s Testimony – From Drugs, Prostitution, New Age, to Jesus Christ (Reblog)

This is a reblog from “Jesus Truth Deliverance”.

I believe that it is worth the read.

Jesus Truth Deliverance

The following is from a sister in Christ who was brought out of deep darkness to God:

Playing dress-up

I grew up in a secular home where there was lots of love but also dysfunction, abuse, and no talk of God. I was raised pretty much by pop culture, secular music, and Hollywood. My mom watched Oprah and my sister and I spent hours in front of the television. God was not spoken of.

As a teenager I developed mental health issues — depression, anxiety, mania, self-harm, binge drinking, anorexia, and bulimia. I was sexually assaulted twice in high school and became promiscuous when I got to college. I’d also had thoughts of being gay from a young age, and at 19 I began to “explore” my sexuality and started dating women.

I never considered myself the type of person who would get involved with drugs. I was a “good”…

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