Spiritual Junk Food (Share: Amen Alex)

The video link below comes from Amen Alex’s YouTube Channel and is a product of his being inspired by Mark 11 one day.

Have very recently discovered Alex. Boy, is what he shares a breath of fresh air.

You know when you get on the internet (in my case, YouTube) and you’re looking for a way to feel connected to human beings because maybe full (or partial) connection is not happening in your non-virtual world? I don’t know how — maybe it’s the gentleness and authenticity of his presentation — but Amen Alex is one of the two Vloggers who makes me feel connected, like they’re right there with me, comforting, educating, directing — and always, diligently, keeping the focus on Jesus.

Mark 11

“Spiritual Junk Food” Video by Amen Alex (YouTube)

Here are a several gems from this video:

  1. “Anything that makes YOU the focus is spiritual junk food.”

2. “As long as you focus on you, you’ll be lonely and spiritually fat.”

3. “Anything that offers spirituality without the work of real soul searching is spiritual junk food.”

4. “Spiritual junk foods are empty practices that fill your head but don’t grow your heart.”

5. “Spiritual fatness leads to spiritual fruitlessness,…”

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