Billie Eilish Exposed

This is a share from Jesus Truth Deliverance blog. Please bypass the images and focus on the content of the post. I’m a little reticent to share this, not only for the images, but also for the lyrics. Most of all, please be “prayed up” before embarking on this post. Ask God for protection, clarity, wisdom and discernment. Please do not look for her videos on the internet. Remember the apple in the garden and leave well enough alone. One final note: at least some of her music is extremely appealing and can feel good, even great, in the moment. Do not be deceived. Any associated attractiveness, appeal, “feel good” or feelings of being consoled are merely illusion and trickery. The enemy always starts his campaigns with attraction and feeling good.

Jesus Truth Deliverance


A forewarning to readers that this post can be very disturbing. Perhaps what is most disturbing is what is shown here is consumed by the masses, particularly by teenagers.

It has been addressed that satan controls the music industry as music is a powerful influence over the minds of the masses. It has been revealed that a lot of music artists admitted to receiving their music from the spirit (demonic) realm and being controlled by a demonic spirit (or spirits), some times behind the guise of an alter ego. Is Billie Eilish another pop singer used for satan’s agenda?

I am 100% convinced Billie Eilish is controlled by the devil, even to the point of demonization. She seems to have several telltalesymptoms of demonization. Billie admitted she suffers from Tourette Syndrome which I believe can be the consequence of demonization. She suffers from body dysmorphia…

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