Supernatural Bible Changes: Sharing EYA with You

I discovered Cat at EYA, now called EYA NEWS, a few years ago. It was a time when I had recently discovered The Mandela Effect and was trying to make sense of why all the seemingly-dumb and seemingly-insignificant changes existed. It all seemed so innocuous.

THEN ONE DAY, and I believe it was through discovering EYA on YouTube, I was introduced to Bible changes — and everything clicked at once. BIBLE CHANGES: the end game.

The verses that stick — and stuck — in my head are these two:

  • Isaiah 11:6 — the lion (and now wolf) will lie down with the lamb
  • Matthew 6:9-13 …and forgive us our trespasses (now debts) as we forgive those who trespass against us (debtors)…

I was living with my aunt and uncle at the time and took action immediately to verify what I was hearing. I rounded up all the Bibles in the house, back to the King James Bible dating back almost 70 years. EVERY SINGLE ONE of the Bibles, no matter its age, had the words “wolf” and “debtors” instead of the original wording.

I cried. I felt devastated. I couldn’t believe it. And who would believe me? No one did. Almost no one, not even Christian leaders. Eventually I calmed down and quieted down, but I think there’s a tremendous value to being “wound up” over the significant.

The takeaway is that this was the point at which, for me, clarity began to greatly magnify and pieces of the puzzle began to come together. The unreal had become real without a doubt, and the doubts and quiet despair I had carried with me throughout life began to do a turnaround.

The importance and the power of the Word became real and palpable. I do believe that this discovery — the supernatural changes in the Bible — was a sort of first step into a totally new way of life for me.

So… I thought I’d share EYA with you if I haven’t already.

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