Spiritual Warfare through Transhumanism — Is It Real? Do we have microscopic, programmable, intelligent, metallic creatures in our bodies? If so, why? How did they get there? Are they just in the injected? Are the shots really stepping up “their” game in multiple ways? Is the ultimate enemy the devil? Is the ultimate aim the demise or total takeover of the bodies […]

Billie Eilish Exposed

Originally posted on Jesus Truth Deliverance :
A forewarning to readers that this post can be very disturbing. Perhaps what is most disturbing is what is shown here is consumed by the masses, particularly by teenagers. It has been addressed that satan controls the music industry as music is a powerful influence over the minds of…

Spiritual Junk Food (Share: Amen Alex)

The video link below comes from Amen Alex’s YouTube Channel and is a product of his being inspired by Mark 11 one day. Have very recently discovered Alex. Boy, is what he shares a breath of fresh air. You know when you get on the internet (in my case, YouTube) and you’re looking for a […]


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